So You Are an Agnostic?

According to the dictionary, an agnostic is "a person who thinks it is impossible to know whether there is a god or a future life, or anything beyond material phenomena." The emphasis should be on "thinks," in other words it is a subjective opinion or feeling that could be mistaken. There are actually more people who think that God exists. Who is really right? We all need to search diligently to be sure that our subjective thoughts are correct or not. Have you asked yourself whether you are an "agnostic" because you had a bad experience, or judge all Christians as hypocrites, or you want to be the "boss" of your own life, etc.? These objections are all subjective and should not enter into an honest, open search of whether God exists. If you really want to check out the claims of the Bible and Christianity, go to "Wouldn't God Tell Us?"

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