Wouldn’t God Tell Us?

You would think that God, if He were real and created us, would tell us about how He did it. You would also expect He would tell us a little about Himself in a way we could understand. And if there is a heaven and hell, wouldn't He tell us about it. If I want to fix my car, I go to the car manual, even though I at first may know nothing about it.

The Bible, God's manual for us, records God's communication with His prophets and His people. You will be amazed at all the factual, objective evidence from a number of different fields of study that support its authenticity. Despite the Bible being completed over 1,900 years ago and despite an army of critics, it has withstood the test of time. Many thought it wrong, only for the Bible to be proven correct with time. I can say much more, but if you are interested, "Nothing but the Truth" by Brian H. Edwards or the DVD set, "How do we know the Bible is True?" also by Brian Edwards are both found on Amazon.com or other outlets. I know you will find them to be very helpful in your quest for truth.

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