Why I Am a Creationist

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I became a creationist by observing the complexity of nature around us. I came to realize that everything is tremendously complex at both the micro- and macro-scale level.

I was taught the evolution of man in a Catholic high school, including that Piltdown Man was one of our ancestors-10 years after it was exposed as a fraud! But I really never had a chance or the interest to investigate whether creation was true or not. After graduating with an M.S. in atmospheric science from the University of Washington, I decided to look into the creation/evolution issue. At that time being a fairly new Christian, I was fully prepared to believe in "theistic evolution," if I found that the evidence for evolution was overwhelming. Of course, evolution is accepted as a fact at the universities. After investigating the issue, I was surprised to learn there was little evidence to back up macroevolution (molecules to man evolution). It was more a faith issue for evolutionists. I also found the evidence from biology to overwhelmingly support creation. Later on, I was pleased to find there is a reasonable amount of evidence for the Flood, but I soon realized that there were many challenges that needed investigation. My curiosity was aroused enough to slowly become involved in Flood geology research.

So, my interest in the creation/evolution issue grew from a curiosity to eventually a passion. I, however, have not been led to bash evolution, which is easy to do, instead I feel called to solve earth science problems that are presented to creationists by evolutionists.

So as of 2012, I have spent nearly 40 years doing research in the earth sciences beginning with the Ice Age, an event related to my field of atmospheric science. This endeavor gradually led me into many other fields of earth sciences, including geology, geophysics, glaciology, geomorphology, etc. My life goal is to develop a sophisticated model for the Flood by first gathering as much observed and experimental data as possible before developing a hypothesis, then testing it. Some of the results will be gradually published on this website in the Books section.

I made an amazing discovery in research. By going backwards in time I received insight into even earlier events. For example, the Ice Age provided information on the late Flood. Geomorphology, which is related to the late Flood runoff, gave information on early and mid-Flood features.

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